What's this section for?

This is to clear up all the niggling little questions that you may have that don't really fit in anywhere else. :)

How does this food photography assignment work?

Simple. You send me a mail outlining your requirements - purpose of images, what you want me to shoot, where, when, and how many days you think it will take. If you're a little unsure about some of these details, don't worry. I can help you come up with more reliable information based on our discussion.

What camera/lenses do you use?

Whatever is needed to get the job done. Equipment discussions are only of use to photography nerds who want to have academic arguments about such things. I am more interested in the outcome - the photos you ultimately get. The best camera and lenses cannot guarantee good photos. That's the skill of the photographer. Rest assured that you won't be shortchanged.

What are your rates?

Each individual project has its unique requirements and there is no "one size fits all" rate. I generally give an overall project cost after discussions with you rather than an hourly rate. My rates are competitive and affordable. I like working with smaller restaurants and cafes who can't afford someone who charges upwards of Rs. 40000 per day. As a starting point, photography packages are Rs. 8000 onwards and styling+photography packages start at Rs. 15000.

Where are you located? I have an assignment in...

I live and work in Bangalore, but am happy to travel for interesting assignments if my schedule permits it. Probably not Siberia, however. Tropical islands are a good idea.

I like some of your photos and want to use them in my magazine/newspaper/web site. Can I?

Thank you. These photos belong to me and if you'd like to licence them for your publication or web site, you may send me an email request. My rates are very reasonable. Please don't flick them. That would be illegal.