About Madhu Menon

I'm a chef, restaurant consultant, food photographer, and writer who lives in Bangalore.

Food photography is my specialty. I have a chef's instinct that many conventional food photographers lack, and I know how to shoot it from the best angles, and what elements need to be highlighted to get people craving what they see in the photos. And as a chef, I already have experience with food plating and presentation. Food is a passion, and you need someone that passionate for your photography work.

I have shot food photos for restaurants like Herbs & Spice, Harima, Raintree cafe, and Kubay. My photos have also appeared in Vogue, Indian Express, and Time Out and various travel-related wikis around the Internet.

I was the chef and owner of Shiok, a Pan-Asian restaurant and cocktail lounge in Bangalore, India from 2003 to 2010. Currently I spend my time consulting for start-up restaurants, writing food articles for magazines, teaching specialist chef-driven cooking classes on weekends, and of course taking lots of food photos.

I also like taking interesting photos of people from time to time.

If you want to chat about a project I can help with, send me a mail.